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6 Most Popular Types of Kitchen You Should Know

There are six popular types of kitchen layouts: Island, Parallel, Straight, L-Shape, U-Shape, Peninsula, and Galley. The L-Shaped kitchen is most suited to homes that do not need too much worktop spaces while the galley shaped kitchen is suitable for small homes.

Here are the six popular types of kitchen shapes you can choose from before finalizing that master kitchen interior plan! Choose wisely; this is going to be the heart of your home for many years to come.

Types of Kitchen:

#1: Straight Kitchen

A straight kitchen or a one-wall kitchen has a single counter with one set of wall and base cabinets. It is linear and runs along the wall of the kitchen. The most important aspect to keep in mind is the golden triangle of a kitchen.

The hob/stove is at an equal distance from the fridge and sink, making it the most convenient layout for an easy cooking process. Lastly, we recommend not having a counter over 12 to 15 feet as it might make moving around a bit tiresome.

Great for: Small and studio homes as they have the most space-efficient design.

#2: L-shaped Kitchen

L-shaped lacquer handless kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen is one of the most common types of kitchen styles. With ample counter space for many hands working in a cooking session, this layout is sure to derive the most productivity from it. This layout has very clear work zones. The hob, fridge and sink are in close proximity to each other. It ensures that you don’t have to walk too much between zones.

Great for: Large families with multiple people cooking and a small kitchen space.

#3: Parallel or Galley Kitchens

When there is ample space, a parallel kitchen can turn out to be an extremely productive layout. With two counters and two sets of cabinets, these kitchen types can have multiple work zones. Besides, the hob, fridge and sink are in an ideal golden kitchen triangle making it an extremely convenient cooking process.

Great for: A family with a medium-sized kitchen.

#4: U-shaped Kitchens

U-Shape Lacquer high gloss kitchen cabinets

For more counter space, go one step further from a parallel kitchen and opt for a U-shaped kitchen. Moreover, this layout is ideal for large amounts of storage with three sets of base cabinets and two or more wall cabinets. This layout works best for individual work zones. Giving the fridge, stove and sink a counter space for each zone.

Great for: Joint families with a medium-large kitchen.

#5: Island Kitchens

A kitchen island is a trending element of types of kitchen that can be added to any layout. This multipurpose counter can serve as a prep zone, a breakfast counter or even a cook zone. We suggest getting an island counter only if there is enough space for movement.

Great for: Families with kids and a large kitchen with plenty of space.

#6: Peninsula or Breakfast Counters Kitchens

A favorite among our Livspace homeowners is the breakfast counters. A breakfast counter is an island attached to a wall thus giving the kitchen extra counter space while adding seating to it. This layout is an example of the ideal golden triangle, where the hob is in the middle with the sink and fridge on either side. Furthermore, making it a convenient and spacious cooking area. Another way to style it up is to add a bar cabinet and some lighting to make it into a breakfast cum bar counter.

Great for: Small families and ideal for both spacious and minimal kitchen space.

The kitchen is the soul of any home. It deserve more of your attention and efforts. Hope you are now aware of the different types of kitchen. Once you know your options, you can take better decisions for your kitchen.