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Modern Luxury Walk in Closet – 14 Important Tips

Today, most people have a lot of clothing, shoes, and other wardrobe items. Homeowners want elegant storage solutions to accommodate their needs. From here comes the importance of the  luxury walk in closet.

Instead of merely a utilitarian space, luxury closets provide ambiance, beauty, and style, as well as plentiful storage space.

Why is walk in closet worth it?

luxury walk in glass closets

The best value from your luxury walk in closet closet will be the enjoyment you get from having a beautiful place to store your clothing and accessories. Living in a cluttered, messy space is stressful. Having adequate space for organization and smart design brings peace of mind. Especially when you tailor the space to meet your specific needs and desires for luxury.

In addition,  walk-in closets improve the resale value of your real estate because almost everyone wants at least a small walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

Custom walk-in closets can add even more value to your home. It makes staging a snap. And is an impressive addition for potential buyers. Thoughtful storage space, especially well-designed closets and dressing rooms, is in great demand.

Whether you’re looking to transform part of your room into a luxury walk in closet or revamp what you already have, there are some important tips you should keep in mind while building your dream closet and making the most of your space.

Modern Luxury Walk in Closet Timeless Designing Tips

1. Planning

Your initial task will declutter your wardrobe and decide what your closet organization system will house, and then you’ll want to determine how much hanging space it will require and the amount of folded item space you’ll need as well.

2. Location

The most three functional location options are:

  • To be connected to the master bedroom space.
  • To be accessible from the master bathroom.
  • To be accessible from both the bedroom and bathroom in the master suite.

3. Closet Size and Shape

Choose your square footage and whether you prefer a long rectangular shape, a L, a T, a square, or something unique like a curved wall.

The size should be large enough to accommodate all of your clothing (ideally for all seasons), shoes, bags, belts, accessories, and any other amenities you’d like to feature in the space.

If you will want furniture in the center of the room, be sure to expand the width and length to accommodate the furniture and walking space. Give yourself at least 3 feet of clearance in open floor space around furniture in the middle of the closet.

4. Layout

When thinking about closet layout, determine what types of storage you want to use and where it best fits the space. If it is a two-person closet, for example, you may want to create parallel features on each side. Hanging racks, cubbies, and drawers that match on the left and right.

Or maybe you’ll make each side completely customized for each person. An interior designer or architect can help you plan if you are unsure how to design the space.

5. Flooring

You might not give a second thought to the floor in your modern walk in closet but that would be a mistake. The right flooring is especially important in a walk-in closet, since you will probably spend time standing on bare feet in your closet.

A good closet floor should be attractive and easy to maintain. The carpet adds warmth, but can be difficult to vacuum and keep clean. Both wood and vinyl floors are better choices for a closet. They are luxurious and practical.

6. Lighting

For closet lighting, using good lighting principles in your luxury closet elevates the entire experience to one of opulence. Rather than having a utilitarian ceiling light, consider a delicate chandelier, Recessed lights, LED strip lights above the hanging racks of clothes, Under-shelf lighting, Mood lighting, Spotlights/track lights featuring display shelves or Motion-sensing lights.

7. Contrast

Contrast helps organize your design and establish a hierarchy-which simply shows which parts of your design are most important and signals viewers to focus on those. Also, it distinguish parts by function, like a contrast by color between shelves and drawers. But more than emphasizing the focal point of your design, good use of contrast adds visual interest.

However, as with most design concepts, contrast should be applied in a balanced way, too much contrast can be just as bad as none at all and may result in a confusing or visually jarring design. If all your design elements contrast, nothing will stand out.

8. Natural and Quiet Feeling Colors

Many colors like Pink, green, blue, white, violet, gray and more can bring you the feeling of quiet and release the stress out and can control your stress and calm you down. In addition, using luxurious and neat color makes a difference.

You can use light grades of these colors as a the main color of your luxury walk in closet, for lighting, decor or mix of them.

9. Separate Private Areas

You have enough space for your stuff. It’s nice to organize your walk in closet to have separate his and hers walk in closets so each person has their own space. This makes your closet looks more luxurious and organized.

10. Glass Doors

An excellent wardrobe should not just be a cabinet for storage, but to help you to sort out and pick up your clothes easily. The design of glossy transparent glass doors makes it convenient to choose the clothes without worrying about the dust of the walk-in closet.

11. Clean Lines

For modern luxury walk in closet, clean Lines can clean, organize and turn any space imaginable into one that is functional and beautiful. They are modern and elegant.

12. Optimal Use of Space

Maximizing your closet space is the key to organizing your luxury modern walk-in closet. Even the smallest, most inconvenient spaces can be put to good use. It is possible to build a spacious walk in closet from racks to rods, and drawers to bins. Also, the use of a mirror at the far end emphasizes the sleek design and creates the illusion of space. This can will help you optimize every square inch of your closet with purposeful storage solutions.

13. A Built-in Vanity

Having a custom vanity area with a dressing table with makeup lighting in a large closet is a given. Who wouldn’t enjoy some privacy and serenity while preparing for a busy day?

You won’t disturb anyone sleeping in the bedroom. Just plenty of space and time for yourself. And it makes a fantastic focal point for your dream luxury walk in closet.

14. Custom Walk in Closet

In some cases, the custom walk-in closet is crucial to maintaining tranquility within the most relaxing space in your home. For example, the L-shape layout and the middle island afford you more space for an affordable cost.

The island provides extra storage and a handy spot for placing items down temporarily.

Thinking About Building Your Own Luxury Walk in Closet?

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