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Top Bathroom Trends 2023 – Oppein California Presents the Latest

Whether you’re refreshing your bathroom with a few cosmetic changes or completely renovating, these key bathroom trends 2023 are there to inform and inspire design choices to create a stylish space you’ll love for years to come.

Undertaking any degree of renovation or decorating in a bathroom is an investment, it’s important to stay informed of the latest colors and designs that can inspire your project to ensure it’s a timeless space but most importantly one you love.

In addition to the biggest interior paint color trends when it comes to bathroom design there are layouts, tiling choices, and lighting schemes to take into consideration to create a blissful bathing space with all the right design elements.

Bathroom Trends 2023

Some of the biggest bathroom trends we are seeing will be full renovations, however, a lick of paint can instantly make a bathroom feel different, and so can changing out your brassware to add in warm metallics.

For bathroom trends 2023, here’s our edit of the biggest trends across designs and color to inspire all elements of renovation and refurbishment projects.

1. Wellness Spaces

bathroom dark grey green

As we move into 2023, we will notice a shift in the requirement for a sense of escapism in the home – spaces that allow you to truly feel at ease.

Connecting to this sense of relaxation, surface choices should be calming, therapeutic, and soothing to the touch – think neutral, natural colors and matte textures that exude a laid-back aesthetic.

Achieving a sense of wellness and well-being within interiors has become a top priority for many of our clients and this is likely to continue into 2023. Alongside luxurious, comfortable tubs, they also want to incorporate areas in the bathroom where they can relax and take some time out.

Concealed storage is also on the rise – as people want to escape and avoid clutter. Because decluttering a home plays an essential role in promoting wellness by welcoming more positive energy into your home because a tidy home means a tidy mind.

2. Textured Structure

Matte, structured textures have taken over high-gloss, shiny surfaces and this will continue to be the case for next year. Whilst homeowners are still wanting to make a luxurious statement in their living spaces, the trend for creating a more lived-in feel means that design choices have become increasingly tactile.

Surfaces like natural stone offer a luxurious yet pared-back appearance, meaning requirements for both design and aesthetic can be met with ease.

We have seen a big increase for unusual textures and patterns designed to make bold feature walls and floors.

Wood and stone effect tiles in the bathroom proved to be particularly popular with the latest designs perfect the look of the original material whilst experimenting with a more decorative approach.

These styles also provide the desirable practicality benefits that come with using ceramic or porcelain tiles to ensure they are incredibly easy to maintain in any setting.

3. Warm Metallics

In response to the trend of seeking warmth, warmer metallics such as brushed bronze and gold are set to dominate over chrome materials.

Warmer tones are most likely to dominate bathroom trends in 2023 as well as more neutral and earthy tones, so a brushed bronze finish is the perfect complement to these design schemes thanks to its contemporary design and warm contrasting tones.

In terms of metallics, new colors, such as brushed bronze, as well as existing colors in gold and brasses, are becoming especially popular. Many customers prefer brushed gold because it is not as bright as polished gold, making it more suited to modern spaces.

One thing to think about when specifying special finishes for your brassware is to think about the other parts of the bathroom that might have standard chrome finishes such as toilet seat hinges, flush plates/buttons, radiators and valves, shower door fixings and profiles.

Platers will generally be able to match your finish for a cohesive look and to make sure the ‘warmth’ of your metallics shines through.

4. Removing Oversize Tubs

While modern standalone tubs have been trending for several years, I have clients requesting removal of their large unused built-in tubs and reclaiming that space. Instead, that area is being repurposed for other trending bath design elements, such as expanded showers or bathroom linen closets. Removing a tub can also open a floor plan to create a bath that feels less crowded and more serene.

5. Bold Youthful Colors

The bathroom trends 2023 introduce more bold youthful colors.  The bathroom cabinet uses modern and capable lines to highlight the atmosphere. Fashionable and youthful colors.  In the bold colored themes, the frame and shape are contrasted with gold-plated metal. The  decorative back panel with elegant drawings like flowers represent scurrent trends. The collision of materials and tones are unified in the light luxury style of the overall layout.

6. Wood Vanities

Painted finishes, especially white, have been the dominant choice for bathroom vanities of all shapes and sizes for years. But for bathroom trends 2023, expect to see a lot more natural wood on bathroom vanities and cabinets. Oppein California and some other experts are seeing wood coming in close second to (if not surpassing) the once-domineering white vanities. Cane and wood-pattern inserts were also added to vanity styles for the first time this year. This increasing appeal of wood complements the rapid rise of modern organic style and warm colors that we’ve seen in the last two years.

7. Bathroom Accents That Pop

During 2023, we expect that homeowners will incorporate geometric shapes and punches of color in the bath. L’Henaff also expects color, as well as jewelry-inspired textures, to accent the abundant neutrals and darker shades that will be decorating the home through textiles, cabinet hardware, tile, lighting, or mirrors. When it comes to punchy accents, Oppein California recommends experimenting with new applications or materials, so they feel bold and graphic in your space.

8. Smart Mirrors

We expect that smart mirrors will be one of bathroom trends 2023. A smart mirror is a two-way mirror with an electronic display behind the glass. The display can show the viewer different kinds of information in the form of widgets, such as weather, time, date, and news updates. This product would be useful for busy individuals that want to multitask and stay informed while on the go. Instead of constantly pulling out a device, one could get informed while finishing daily grooming tasks.

In summary, bathroom trends 2023 are inspired by nature, noble materials, and minimalism. It can be tough to navigate all the trends and make good choices. To make it easier, contact our experts to help you accomplish your bathroom project with high-quality material, great design and affordable prices. 

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